Episode 1 featuring DJ Kofi (7 June 2019)

 DJ Kofi   is an international turntable genius who has toured with the Gorillas and Kelis and smashed it to win the UK DMC DJ championships in 1995. When you've been in the game that long - you've got stories! He stopped by to chop it up with us on Episode 1 of the podcast. If it has to go live it has to be with the legendary Dj as he shares his journey in the last 30 years in the industry. Be it his days touring, DJ'ing in exclusive London clubs and parties, watching tennis with Grace Jones in the Wimbledon box, pulling Estelle from the crowd to rock it on stage and being part of his radio show on Choice FM, DJ Kofi has done it with style and grace. Follow him on IG @IAMKOFIOFFICIAL. 

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